The 2023 Empaths Survival Guide BUNDLE

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The 2023 Empaths Survival Guide BUNDLE

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Are You an Empath or An Introvert? Take our short 21 question empath personality quiz and find out, below!

Learn a new way to see the world as an empath, healer, introvert, HSP and spiritual seeker. Join us in 2023 and get access to psychic development workshops, psychic mediumship readings, workbooks, workshops and private courses specifically for spiritually sensitive people. Join us!

Empaths  move through the world in a very unusual way. We can be chameleons in both function, and form. Sometimes we may seem to be invisible to others – navigating space with serenity and a smile. Other times we are impossible to miss, stepping up, standing out and standing up for those who need a voice, need a hand or merely need our help. We didn’t choose this path.  We feel in our bones….that it chose us” Angela li

  1. You have a deep, intuitive sense of “Knowing”: Empaths feel things that most folks don’t.  We know things before we’re told.  We “see” things that are invisible to others.  We have a deep connection to our intuitive senses that transcends simple gut feelings or instinct alone.
  2. You abhor violence in movies, on TV or obviously in real life.  Why?  Because you take on the pain of the victim.  Even if you’re watching a fictional portrayal of violence, you feel a sense of dis-ease seeing others in pain.
  3. Crowds, cramp your comfort.  You don’t like big public gatherings, and often feel overwhelmed with the energies and emotions of other humans (and non humans!) sharing your space.
  4. You absorb energy.  All empaths are sponges, and taking on the emotional energy of others, is a huge trigger (and trait) that shows you are an empath.  Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own.
  5. You may sense negativity, even in thought form….from a great distance away.  Negative people, especially those whose lives intersect or intertwine with your own, affect you in ways that others find easy to overlook.  You can sense negative thought patterns, even unspoken ones.  And if directed at you, it’s painful….and a problem.
  6. You are a human lie detector!  People know better than to lie around you.  You see through bullshit and deceit better than the best law enforcement agents on TV  If someone is not forthright, you feel it – and often before anyone else.
  7. You are a savior with an eye for the underdog.  Many empaths have a much easier time standing up, or speaking up for others, than we do for ourselves.  Your activism is almost always aimed at helping others, or serving those who are struggling.  (even if you struggle to speak up for yourself on other occasions) Healer empaths are often animated by action, and we find our voice, and our purpose, in the service of stepping up and serving those who can’t help themselves.  If this is you…..don’t stop doing what you do!
  8. You absorb physical discomfort, pain and illness from others in your orbit.  Any ailments or symptoms that others close to you experience, inevitably, will land in your lap as well.
  9. You may develop physical pain around the energy centers of the body.  Empaths are carriers, and energy is heavy.  If you suffer from perpetual back, leg, hip and neck problems, it’s often an energetic imbalance that arises from holding on to the pain (and problems) of others in your orbit…and manifesting (or absorbing) their issues as your own.
  10. You are the sounding board for all.  People find it easy to talk to you, and will spontaneously (sometimes) data dump all of their issues on you.  Strangers, friends, family, co-workers and others are attracted to your empathetic nature, and seek solace (and release) from sharing (sometimes OVER-SHARING their challenges with you.
  11. Creativity is important to you.  Self expression is a deep need.  (even if you don’t love to talk, or share with others, getting stuff “out” into the world through art, writing, journaling, music or other forms of expression is something that is key to your sanity, and sense of power and peace.  
  12. You are insatiably curious.  You wonder about the world.  Your curiosity is rooted in a deep sense of appreciation of the natural world around us all.  You feel the magic, embrace the mystery and seek out meaning where others often don’t see (or feel) anything at all.
  13. You prioritize spiritual growth.  Learning and growing is inspiring to you, and you find metaphysical topics particularly stimulating and exciting.  
  14. You seek solitude and safety.  Your are a “nester” and creating a safe home space is key for your mental health.  You recharge batteries often, by being alone, or taking a break from close friends, family and loved ones alike.
  15. You have a particular love of animals and pets.  Empaths are often some of the most strident animal activists.  (part of the savior personality type, and the appeal of the underdog as well)
  16. You are more attracted to purpose, than profit in work, career and livelihood.  
  17. You get bored very, very easy.  An empath needs to be stimulated.  Boredom, or repetition is often anathema for empaths, and other sensitive people…as the sense of being bored or disinterested can be much higher and uncomfortable for us.
  18. You are spontaneous, and sometimes to a fault. Sometimes, you’ll suffer from a LACK of planning, or suffer the downside of  being a disorganized free spirit.    Routine is not exciting to you.  Adventure, even if it’s merely INNER adventure, is your passion, and you express it with often.
  19. Deep listening is your gift.  You listen with your fully body….and down to your bones.  You pay attention, fully, completely and without reservation, when in the company of a loved one in crisis.  You connect with conversation in a way that makes you the preferred confidante for friends, family and even strangers who need a helping hand.   It goes without saying, empaths make the best listeners, and as a result, we can be “the best friend” to many in our orbit.
  20. You experience psychometry on a regular basis, and dress, decorate and style yourself (and your spaces) accordingly.  Psychometry is picking up the energy (or emotions) from objects and you don’t like hand me downs….whether that’s clothes, home decor, furniture or otherwise, unless you know (and love) the previous owners.
  21. Narcissism is something you have no tolerance for.  The opposite of a true empath is a text book narcissist.  If you spot one in your close company, you will NOT make fast friends.  (note…the irony is, many ONLINE (or public) empaths are actually narcissists in disguise.  They play the role for profit or public fame….but in reality, are some of the most self absorbed A$$holes in the world)

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The Sign of a True Healer: (If you're a natural empath, healer, light worker or spiritual seeker, we'd love to hear (and publish) your thoughts on what it means to a Bodhisattva (someone who is born to serve, and help other people wake up) as part of our 2023 series of tiny books, that make a BIG impact in the world)

"The Avalokiteshvara, the 1000 armed Bodhisattva has a different tool in every hand - each arm is a unique instrument of hope - help - healing and transformation.

It's easy to forget how many simple, subtle, opportunities we have to inspire, uplift and impact the people who land in our lives - in ways we miss far too often to count.

I recently participated in a silent meditation retreat. For days, my mind refused to stay still. It leaped, and lurched and stumbled and fumbled my way through days of not wanting to look closely at my own life - my own mistakes, mis-steps - messes, stresses, sorrows and shame - and the many different flavors of suffering I visited on myself, and others I love.

One day, I looked around the other bright and shiny souls in the room - all of us different ages, incomes, sizes, sexes, beliefs and backgrounds - and yet - with our eyes closed - fiercely focused - facing invisible dramas - disappointments, failures, foibles and frailties that were each of ours to face alone.

And yet - all of us - warriors tethered together by a common enemy - and a similar goal.

To wake up - to lighten up - and to show up for those who needed us most.

Life - the simple act of living with intention - and attention - is the ultimate expression of the pedestrian power of the Bodhisattva. The great pure spirit of love and service - of awakening and uplifting ourselves and others - of helping and healing. n Our role is to simply embrace the arm we've been assigned - and to take our unique gifts - out into the world with passion, purpose and perseverance."


New for 2023?

We'll be launching a brand new, private 52 week course community for empaths, healers, authors, artists, spiritual seekers and enlightened entrepreneurs who are ready to wake up the world with your work.

If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to do what you love, and wake up the world with your work......this is the Universe letting you know you're in the right place, at the exact right time.

Join us now, and get early access. (we open on December 27th to the public, but you'll get all of the details first)

There is no better gift you can give yourself than the gift of self love, self acceptance, self understanding and self compassion. We are all evolving - growing, flowing, dancing and dreaming in the direction of our destiny. Give yourself a place (and some space) to shine....and you'll be amazed at how much you can grow in a short time. - Ian

Download the updated 2022 Empaths Survival Guide BUNDLE!

Just a small fraction of what's included inside!

1. A complete, beautiful, 25 page printable gratitude journal specifically created for the more intuitive empaths, healers, light workers and spiritual seekers in our community.

2. A beautiful life planner for cultivating, connecting and manifesting a life you'll truly love.

3. An inspirational workbook for empaths with innovative exercises, unique prompts, and inspiring ideas for waking up to your true potential, and fully embodying your natural gift.

4. Working with difficult emotions workbook. A framework for dealing with challenging emotions that are reported most commonly by those of us on the empathic personality spectrum.

5. 25 signs you're an empath! (interactive online form with one on one teacher support if needed - and a downloadable PDF, too)

6. 31 day printable gratitude journal for kids. If you are raising an empathic, or sensitive child, here is a simple gratitude journal for helping your child navigate their emotions through creative expression.

And new workbooks, workshops and prompts will be added every week.  Join us!

If you're struggling to find your place in this world, and are curious about whether you are a natural healer, empath or "light worker" personality type, these workbooks, planners, guides and inspiring exercises will not only challenge your assumptions, they will empower you to step up, stand out, discover & fully embody your natural gifts as a helper, healer or spiritual leader.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”-Dalai Lama XIVI 

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A complete set of printable workbooks for exploring your unique gifts and talents, along with prompts, exercises and tips for waking up to your best life


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