Enlighten Up! Start a New Career as an Enlightened Entrepreneur

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Are you an intuitive empath, heroic healer, inspirational author, transformational teacher, therapist, mental health professional, wellness warrior, business bodhisattva or enlightened entrepreneur? 

 Our community is designed & dedicated to the next generation of mindful leaders who want to do magical, meaningful work in the service of changing the world....one heart and mind at a time. If you are truly ready to step into your true purpose, we invite you to vibe with our tribe....and join our movement.  

Welcome! Our new community officially opens in June 2021. (we're open now to select members, but our public launch is on June 15th. Email us (mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com) for early access.

For the next 52 weeks, you'll  get regular updates via email and in our private community....along with lessons, downloads, practices, audios, guided meditations and unique, innovative and ethical strategies to grow your impact, influence, audience and income as an enlightened entrepreneur.  

Our *soul* focus is on cultivating compassion, loving kindness, connection and community around unique spiritual practices and mindfulness techniques that foster transformation.

Q: Our ideal member:

You are a coach, therapist, "healer" spiritual teacher (or seeker) with a deep desire to connect, contribute and share your gifts with the world. If you are a working professional in the helping, healing or spiritual growth spaces.....(or would like to be) this is an ideal opportunity for you. 

If you are not interested in waking up to your full potential, cultivating confidence, presence, purpose and peace..... and actually *doing the work* of spiritual growth, this is NOT a good community for you, and we ask that you don't sign up for a spot.

Q: What does it cost?

1. Joining our email list is 100% free. You'll get email updates, audios, PDF guides, worksheets and other unique resources carefully created to dramatically elevate your living experience as an empath, healer, seeker or "light worker" who needs more clarity, confidence, connection, compassion and community in your every day life. (which at this point in 2021....is pretty much all of us! ;-0)

2. We will also have a premium, invite only fee based training community with more advanced practices, interactive challenges, unique SMS based classes + coaching, and later, a certification program for those of you already working in the helping/healing/teaching or spiritual growth spaces. If you're interested in joining our private community (more fitting for those of you who want to do spiritual/healing work in the world as a career) feel free to email us - mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com to learn more.

Read our MISSION STATEMENT to learn more about Mindfulmarketplace, our brand new private members only forum/community and how we aim to elevate, and impact the world in 2021 and beyond.


Alone we can change a neighborhood. Together we can change the world. Join us.


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Enlighten Up! Start a New Career as an Enlightened Entrepreneur

0 ratings